Make Laundry Day Easier

Come to our self-service laundromats in Boise and Meridian, ID

If you're constantly fighting with your family about who will do the laundry, it's time to make a change. Putting your clothes in the hands of Laundry Haus is always a great choice. We offer an array of laundry services in Boise and Meridian, ID. We're more than just an average self-service laundromat.

Our laundry specialists can also pick up and deliver your laundry upon request. Call 208-391-5303 today to learn more.

How do we make doing the laundry easier?

Everyone dreads laundry day, but with us, you can forget about it altogether. Our self-service laundromat offers:

Wash and fold services

You'll drop off your clothes for us to wash, then pick them back up when we finish.

Student laundry services

We'll wash your clothes with a 20% discount.

Pickup and delivery services

We'll pick up your clothes, wash them and deliver them to your location.

We'll have your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh in no time.

Pricing Information

Additional Wash, Dry, Fold Services

  • $20 Comforter - Queen size & up
  • $15 Comforter - Full Size or smaller
  • $15 Rug
  • $20 Sleeping Bag
  • $10 pillows

  • $20 Animal Bed
  • $2 per lb. pick-up & delivery service, 15 lb. minimum
  • $2.75 Same Day Wash and Fold
  • $1.75 Next Day Wash and Fold

Explore the reasons why we're different

At Laundry Haus, we understand the importance of wearing clean clothes. Our team aims to enhance your laundry experience by:

  • Offering free Wi-Fi
  • Creating a kid-friendly area
  • Accepting various forms of payment
  • Featuring a loyalty app to earn points
  • Housing 56 washing and drying machines
  • Selling soaps to use in the laundromat or at home

Reach out today to speak with an associate about laundry services.